Hostal El Cano, Rural Tourism in the Sierra de Madrid

Sierra de Guadarrama

El Escorial

Village located northwest of Madrid and proclaimed as the Madrid province and cultural interest. The Monastery of El Escorial, built in the sixteenth century by Philip II, is considered the eighth wonder of the world both in size and functional complexity for its symbolic value as the historicity of Spain.

La Pedriza

The Pedriza is an area of ??great geological interest, landscape and sports. It is situated on the southern slopes of the Sierra de Guadarrama to accessed from Manzanares el Real. It is the largest in Europe and granitic It comprises numerous cliffs, rock walls, streams and meadows. The 3,200 hectares which is approximately the Pedriza are within the Regional Park of the High Basin of the Manzanares, the largest protected area of the Community of Madrid.

Manzanares El Real

Is the fifth largest municipality in the Madrid region, and one that brings greater ecological interest. In his term natural spaces are as significant as the Pedriza and the Santillana reservoir, and the Glacier de la Condesa, where the river Manzanares, the second highest mountain in the Sierra de Guadarrama with 2.383m.

Art-historical field, the town has an outstanding heritage, in which stands the Castle of the Mendoza (also called Manzanares el Real), the best preserved of the province of Madrid and one of the most important Spain.